5 Ways To Build Trust With Email

How To Increase Trust With EmailEmail remains one of the most powerful ways to increase your sales, especially if you are an online retailer. But just emailing without a plan isn't going to work for you. In fact, doing anything without a plan probably won't work. But especially when it comes to emails.

According to a new study, trust and relevance are the two key factors people consider when they receive emails from small businesses. What does that mean? In order for you to increase your sales via direct marketing and email campaigns your list has to already trust you. Click Here To Read More...

23 Types Of Content For Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing To Increase SalesContent marketing is the "IT" thing of internet marketing right now. While content marketing is not new by any means, recently it seems to be the buzz word of 2014. Luckily for us, it's not a buzz. It's the basis of our business. I mean come on, our name is ConvertWithContent. Click Here To Read More...

4 Lead Magnet Examples For B2C

Lead Magnet For B2CAt ConvertWithContent we live by the lead magnet. For our business our lead magnets have been tested, split tested, and analyzed over and over again. We know they work to increase our leads. We have the data. Click Here To Read More...

The Most Important Search Term You Need To Use

Social-SearchWe've heard it time and time again. You need to be searching and monitoring keywords for your business. It's true. You should be monitoring your name, your business name, your product names, and specific keywords that relate to your business in any way. This is the basis of what we call "Social Listening". Click Here To Read More...

Why You Shouldn't Worry Too Much About Blog Comments

Blog CommentsThis is a topic that Jason and I discuss all the time. Back in the day when blogs were really the only social network out there, comments were abundant. It seemed like all you had to do was put up a blog, post content on a regular basis, find some relevant blogs to comment on, and boom you've found yourself a nice little community of commenters.
Click Here To

How To Manage Customer Expectations On Social Media

How to manage customer expecations on social mediaThe other day Jason and I went to get a foot massage. We went to a place we have gone to many times. We called in, made an appointment and showed up on time as usual. The lady at the front desk ushered us to our seats and we sat down expecting 30 minutes of pure bliss, as usual.

What came next was unexpected. About 5 minutes into our 30 minute session my meditative stage was interrupted with banging, pounding, and drilling. Yes, the space next door was being worked renovated.

As a business owner myself, I do realize business must go on and the store can't survive if they shut down during renovation. But still I was annoyed. I thought about it and thought about why it irked me so.

It all came down to managing customer expectations. We weren't warned before hand. If we had been even right when we walked in, I probably wouldn't have been annoyed. To take it one step further we could have been warned on the phone and offered a discount or a longer massage for the same price.

Fortunately it wasn't as bad as I am making it out to be. But I did leave with some thoughts on social media.

How To Manage Customer Expectations On Social Media

  • Be Transparent
  • Respond To Negative & Positive Feedback
  • Be Consistent
  • Do What You Say You Will Do

What do you think? Are expectations important to customer retention? Or was I having a bad day?

How To Handle Complaints On Social Media

100-percent-satisfaction-guaranteedSocial media users love to complain. Sometimes I think that the sole purpose of many is to complain. I have to admit, I too am guilty of throwing the negatives out there for the world to see in hopes that the company who "wronged" me will make things better. We all do it.

As a business owner a complaint can sting. Luckily we can handle it publicly and change the way the customer feels about us. Click Here To Read More...

3 Ways To Create Fan Envy To Fuel Your Online Presence

Fan EnvyPeople compare themselves to others. Although it can be destructive, It's common practice. The same is true on social media. We want what the people around us have. Whether it is that brand new Rolls Royce or Reebok sneaker, if someone we are connected to has it, we want it to. Click Here To Read More...

3 Things I Learned About Social Media From My Mom

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 7.30.22 AMThe other day I posted the three things I learned about social media from my dad. I enjoyed writing it so much that today I dedicate this post to my mom. Like me, she is a very social person. Here are the 3 most important lessons I've learned from her that relate to social media. Click Here To Read More...

Top 10 Small Business Email Marketing Tips

Top 10 Small Business Email Marketing TipsEmail Marketing is still extremely effective for nurturing your list and generating more sales. Here are my top 10 small business email marketing tips for your reading pleasure... Click Here To Read More...

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