How To Increase Your Facebook Reach Without Paying For Advertising

GetFoundOnlineIn case you haven't heard, Facebook is going to make it harder and harder for you to get your content seen.  While it might be due to the increased amount of content on Facebook and an attempt to crack down on spammy and invaluable content, it seems to be an effort to make people pay for promoted posts and advertising.

While it's just hitting the press, this is really nothing new at all.

Facebook organic views have been decreasing for awhile. I've noticed it on a few of our fan pages, and I've heard other social media professionals complain of the same problem.

While a challenge, there are ways around it. Like everything online, great content will always prevail. And with these tips and tricks I'm about to share, you might be able to increase your reach on Facebook without having to pay for promoted posts or ads.

8 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Reach Without Spending Money

1. Create Awesome Content
This is the first and foremost thing you should think about. Awesome and compelling content that talks directly to your customers, fans, and audience is the best thing you can do. But it does require a strategy. I think the best way to have something to share is to blog, take photos, and create an online persona. When you have great content on your website and other online sites, it's easier to have something of VALUE to share.

2. Embed Your Posts
It is likely that your audience is hanging out all over the web and not only on Facebook. You can extend the reach of your Facebook post by embedding that post on your blog. This will get your Facebook posts in front of your website viewers and allow them to interact with your Facebook content off Facebook.

3. Encourage Likes & Shares
The way Facebook algorithm works, the more liked and commented on your Facebook post is the more eyeballs it will reach. One easy way to get something important out is to encourage your fans to like it or share it with their network.   You can only do that with really great content.  If the content is good, people will like it.  But don't ask for likes or shares, this could actually hurt you.  If you've done a good job building a relationship with your fans you will see that this will be easy to achieve.

4. Ask Your Fans To Receive Notifications
Have you ever noticed that you get notifications from your top friends? Did you know that you can receive the same type of notifications from Fan pages? It's true and a lot of people don't know this is possible. To get notifications on Fan page content, hover over the "Like" image on and click notifications. Once you do that, every time that page is updated you will get an instant notification. There's nothing wrong with asking your fans to do the same for your Fan page. Again, if you have the relationship built, share awesome content and don't over post, your fans will be happy to do this. After all, they want to see your notifications, right?

5. Give Reasons To Comment
Commenting is one of the best ways to increase the eyeballs on your content. Try to kick off each post with a comment from the Fan page and your personal page to get the conversation going. We also give this advice to our blogging clients. It is also a good idea to ask questions or give incentives to increase commenting. Both of these tactics work, and I recommend you try it.

6. Mix Up Your Content
The common thought used to be that every post should have an image attached. While this is a good tactic because it has a longer shelf-life, it is smart to mix it up. Links now show up on News Feeds the same size of images which increases the click-through.

7. Become a Content Curator
Again, it all comes back to great content. When you have great content to share, more people are going to tune in. Share articles, images, and videos that will keep your fans coming back for more. The more often one person connects with your content will determine how often they see your content. Be targeted with your content and your true and loyal fans will love it!

8. Create Fan Page Relationships
There are a few ways to go about this. One way is to share other fan page content. Because everyone is sharing the content of huge publications and brands, you might want to think about targeting middle sized fan pages instead as they will notice it more. When you give love to other Fan pages, they will likely return the favor and share your content. You can also tag pages within your posts. The other Fan page will see your tag and hopefully be happy. In order to build a successful relationship you have to think about this. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. It's a two way street people!

Of course, every audience is different and not everything is going to work for you. But in business it is all about experimenting and figuring out what works for you.

Author: Stephanie Frasco

Stephanie Frasco, VP Social Media Marketing, started helping businesses get results with social networks before Twitter even existed! Stephanie has worked directly with high profile clients like Oprah, Atlantic Records, Dashlane, The International Culinary Center, & many more. She specializes in helping business owners and marketers find massive ROI by developing targeted social campaigns focused on *engagement strategies* that work!

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13 Responses to “How To Increase Your Facebook Reach Without Paying For Advertising”

  1. Do you pay for advertising on FB?

  2. Darn you Facebook! Always changing the rules! Anyways, thanks Stephanie for a cool post. One question...I keep hearing rumors that if a Fan Page posts pictures, they don't show up as much as just text. What's the ruling on this? Is it better to have just text, a picture, a picture w/text, a link, or a link w/text? Or none of the above?

  3. Thanks Cassie. I also just heard that Facebook is cracking down on Memes and spammy images, so it might be a good time to reassess your strategy. I think it is always best to try things and see what works for your audience. Now that links show up on the News Feed at the same size as images, links are getting more click-throughs that ever before. On the other hand, images have a longer shelf-life because they will always be in your photo gallery.

    Plus, linking is a great way to show Google that your content is powerful and liked by regular people. This can help your search rankings in the long run.

    But again, I think the best thing to share is content from your site. Another reason why having a blog to link to is the best strategy.

    Thanks Cassie! :)

  4. Hi Stephanie
    Excellent post. Beth Kanter recommended this post in her FB page so I popped across.

    I'm a micro business so these suggestions really help.

    I liked your suggestion of linking across to other Fan Pages. I haven't done that as I tend to put their site links on my FB posts. I'll add your recommendation to my strategy.

    One question - there's some debate about whether you should put the link to a blog post in the update space or below in the comment space of FB. Some people say that it will reach more of your followers if you out the link in the comment page.

    I've been rethinking my social media strategy for my Expedition and decided that what I really want is for people to subscribe to my blog posts so I can build a community and conversations there.

    That means doing content curation (and Beth has written some great stuff on that topic that I'm following), research, keeping a file with blog topic ideas and links, and writing posts. To bring people to the site and encourage them to subscribe I'm giving away one Life Dreaming Expedition every Sunday until the end of January if they subscribe.

    I decided not to ask people to also Like and Share my FB page as it's asking them to do too many things.

    I use FB to let people know posts are up as well as just pop in daily to say hello to people; pop in a few links to other good stuff online; and give them postcards I create myself with different quotes.

    I've also started to explore Google+ and got some great tips from Ramsay over at the Blog Tyrant.

    And then there's Twitter and Linked In!!

    Being a 1 person micro entrepreneur makes it really important that I am very clear about where I focus my time and efforts and I'm giving my FB page about 15 minutes a day and focusing on my blog and just getting out and reading other blogs.

    Thanks again for your very useful information. I'll be subscribing.


    p.s I also share any content I put on my LifeDreaming FB page across to my personal page. Friends that aren't on my biz FB page then go across to my site - and that's the ultimate goal.

    • Thanks Liz and congratulations. You bring up some really good points. First of all, I think the best data is your own data. So before you can determine what really works or what is better you should test both. Try posting the same thing at the same time but 1 week apart and see how it affects your click-throughs. Click-throughs are very important because a, you want people on YOUR site, and b, it shows that your message has gotten through to people.

      I think when you add the link and you have an image on that web page you will get a lot of views. Pictures attract eyeballs more than plain text. But again every audience and business is different.

      Blogging is so important. As you can see here at ConvertWithContent we take it very seriously. Facebook could shut down tomorrow without warning. Your blog is your ownership and if you have a lead magnet in place those are your most valuable prospects because they willingly gave you their email.

      I think what you are doing is great and you should definitely keep it up. Consistency will pay off. We do offer blog and social packages if you ever wanted to take some heavy lifting off your back. Thanks for subscribing and I look forward to learning more about you.

  5. Beth Johnson says:

    I love the article. I am always looking for ways to improve our facebook page. I manage the social media foe a family farm, orchard and restaurant. Recently I posted a picture that had a few words on it and tried to do a small promoted post on it and they rejected it. I do try to mix it up with our posts and I would like to do some more incentives like fun contests. It seems that facebook is cracking down more on that too. I've looked at some of the aps that you have to like the page to get some kind of coupon, but haven't actually tried anything. Are those worth doing? What is your take on it?
    We are going to start blogging with content involving the farm and restaurant. I'm excited about getting that started and using it to continue build our fan base!
    Thanks for the tips.

  6. Kelly says:

    It's always great to refresh my view on social media events! Thanks for the great article!

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