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Content Marketing Pyramid

Content Marketing PyramidContent marketing can be overwhelming. There's just so much content you have to produce. And there are so many different ideas and theories that surround content marketing. After experimenting and testing content marketing strategies on hundreds of websites, we've come up with our own pyramid that will help you understand what you need to do, what's most effective and how often you should be doing it.

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10 Twitter Lessons I've Learned After Sending 23,000 Tweets

10 Things I've Learned After Sending 23,000 TweetsTwitter has been under fire lately. Many OG users have been complaining that Twitter is not what it used to be. Where it was once a real conversation engine, many argue that today it is an overly promotional vehicle for spammers and marketers alike. You can say the same about all the social networks. Stuff changes. Sites evolve. We can't waste our time complaining, we need to embrace the changes and do what works.

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What The New Facebook Algorithm Change Means For Business Pages

What The New Facebook Algorithm Means For Business PagesFacebook is always seeking to create a better experience for its users. Notice how I said for the users and not for marketers. I'm more of a social media gal myself, but Jason, he's an SEO guy and he's been saying the same about Google for years. Google & Facebook care about making their usability smooth and beneficial to the people using it. Why? So they come back for more and more. Makes sense, right?

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4 Realistic Ways To Increase Your Leads Without Paying For Advertising

4 Ways To Increase Your Leads OnlineSmall businesses need 3 things to succeed online and off. More traffic, more leads and more sales. We've found that when you get more qualified traffic, you'll also see more leads. If you don't have a place to capture leads, well then, you are wasting a lot of traffic. So to say all you need to do is increase traffic would be misleading. What you need to do is make sure your website is ready to receive leads and increase your traffic with the right people. That right there is the path to take.

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