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Stephanie Frasco CleggFROM: Stephanie Frasco, VP Social Media

Your blog is the single most important part of your Content Marketing system. Period.

Without a blog, you have a giant blackhole in your Content Marketing strategy.

With a blog, you have a place to publish great content, attract new website visitors, and engage your existing customers day-after-day. That's exactly why you need blog management!

If you're lucky, you have the 2-4 hours available every day to write a great blog post, edit the blog post, hunt down some powerful images to include with your blog post, build links to your internal website pages, format the blog post, publish the blog post, and then promote the blog post.

Let's face it - to run a wildly successful business blog, we're talking about a serious time investment!

If you're like most business owners, you simply don't have time to do all of this yourself AND keep your business running & growing. It's impossible!

Whenever I teach the principles of "Convert With Content" and good Content Marketing, I always emphasize the importance of running a great blog. Everyone gets it: You've got to have a blog, and you've got to be publishing new content there all the time.

But most people simply can't keep up with it. You're probably in this same boat because business owners are not bloggers. My point is simple...

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Are You A Business Owner, Or A Blogger?

Ok, it's definitely true that some entrepreneurs are also bloggers. But we're talking about an extremely small percentage of business owners who also have the writing ability, the time, the technical knowledge, and everything else required to run a successful blog.

It's Time To Implement A Complete Blogging System
You Can Rely On Every Single Day!

Finally, you can stop worrying about your blog and start getting real, measurable results day-after day!

If that's the picture you have in your mind for your website, you're right on target. The keys to running a successful business blog are Great Content, Frequent Postings, And Consistency.

Unfortunately, you're probably not writing content your readers will love and you're probably not posting it as often as you should be. It's no surprise, really. Like most business owners, you're too busy to keep your blog running while you maintain everything else in your business.

That's exactly why, like most small business owners, you need a blog management service you can rely on! You're probably making at least 2 out of 3 of the most common business blogging mistakes:

Mistake #1: You Don't Have A Blog

It's still amazing to see business websites that don't have a blog. The fact is if you don't have a blog, your only opportunities for increasing website traffic and attracting new customers are going to cost you thousands of dollars every month!

Mistake #2: You Don't Blog Frequently Enough

This one is almost worse than not having a blog at all, and we see it every day. You have a great looking blog installed and setup, but your last post went up 10 months ago! Imagine the negative perception your potential customers have when they find out your blog is a ghost town.

Mistake #3: You're Not Writing The Right Content

One of the most dangerous "blogging sins" of all is posting the wrong kind of content. We see this all the time. You're either too focused on SEO or you're too focused on selling, selling, selling! Just ask any great copywriter and they'll tell you that writing a great blog post requires a clear understanding of why you need a blog in the first place.

STOP Making These Massive Blogging Mistakes

And Start Running A Blog Marketing Campaign
That Can Actually Grow Your Business

You need a team that understands how blogging fits into your marketing campaign. You need a professional copywriter to write custom blog posts with your customers in mind, with your marketing strategy in mind.

Compare Our Service
To Hiring Your Own
In-House Full-Time Blogger

Compare the cost of our services to hiring your very own full-time blogger employee...

  • Pay a blogger's salary + benefits.
  • Supervise and train your blogger.
  • Pray your blogger doesn't leave!

You Would Pay $3,000 to $5,000 Per Month!!!

With Our Blogging Services, You Get All The Benefits
Of Having Your Very Own Full-Time Blogger
Without All The Pain And At A Fraction Of The Cost!

Like many of our other customers, you're probably asking yourself a few questions, so I wanted to be sure I answered all of them for you right here.

How Much Does Blog Management Service Cost?

We have plans and packages to fit every budget. Our most basic service starts at just $99 per month.

What If I Don't Have A Blog On My Website?

No problem! Our technical team of trained blogging engineers will build you a blog FREE of charge when you signup. We know having your own blog is going to bring you so much new traffic and so many new customers, we'll build your blog FREE. That's how much we stand behind this service!

What Kind Of Content Will You Write For My Blog?

Good question. The answer is simple - we write exactly the kind of blog posts you need to be writing to attract more traffic and to convert that traffic into leads and sales on your website. We work one-on-one with you to understand what your business is all about. We listen to you to understand what kind of content you think your audience needs to hear. And we even make suggestions on the kind of content we suggest you use. Remember: we're a team of professional copywriters and bloggers. We know what we're doing.

My Blog Is Always Breaking And Giving Me Technical Problems. Can You Help?

Of course we can help. Like I said before, we have a team of trained experts who know exactly how to build, fix, repair, and manage blogging software. They're programmers with over 11,000 hours of blog software programming experience between them, and they know what they're doing. When you sign up for our "Dedicated Blogging" package, you get your very own *Blogger* yes, but you also get the on-call support of our technical team. If anything goes wrong with your blog, we can help you fix it.

What If I Want To Cancel My Service?

You can cancel anytime, for any reason. We never want to lose your business of course, and we're very proud of the great work we do for you - but we do accept that things can change at the drop of a hat. We make it really easy to cancel. Just write us an email at support [at] and let us know you want to cancel. Or you can call our support phone number at 888-715-1458 and we'll honor your request. You don't even have to give us a reason. No contracts. No commitments. Our blogging services are all 100% risk-free.

What's the Difference Between The "Standard Blogger" Plan And The "Dedicated Blogger" Plan?

Both of options include 100% custom blog post writing, publishing, and optimizing. And you can run a successful blogging campaign with either. But we created the "Dedicated Blogger" plan for businesses that want extra care and extra attention. When you choose the "Dedicated Blogger" plan you get a dedicated copywriter assigned to your blog. The same blogger creating your blog posts every day. You also get dedicated phone support and technical support and blog software management from our blogging team. The "Dedicated Blogger" plan is our all-inclusive plan, so we also manage your blog comments, reach out to other bloggers, and include images in your posts too. It's just like having your very own in-house blogger at a fraction of the cost.

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