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Small Business Web Marketing Plan - Part Four: Nurturing Leads

Small Business Web Marketing Lead NurturingSo you've got a website in place, you're attracting qualified visitors, and you're even converting a good percentage of those visitors into leads. What's next in your small business web marketing plan? Capturing lead information is just the beginning of your marketing process -- you're just getting the party started! Now it's time to begin nurturing those leads into buyers and lifetime customers. That's exactly what you'll learn how to do in this next post in our series.

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Is Your Business Thriving? (Or Barely Surviving?)

Thrive 365 InfusionsoftIf you want to be successful in your business -- and I mean TRULY successful -- you must constantly seek out new strategies, new ideas, and new territories. As the old saying goes, you're either growing or you're dying. And it's true. There are basically 2 types of businesses --

1. Businesses that barely survive
2. Businesses that THRIVE!

The key to making your business THRIVE is building a complete marketing system that build a long-lasting relationship between you and your prospects. In Content Marketing language, we refer to this as "nurturing."

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What Is Convert With Content?

What Is Convert With Content?When we first came up with the name "Convert With Content" we were trying to answer one important question, "How can we quickly summarize the best way to market your business, both online and offline?" From that question, the "Convert With Content" name was born. And to this day, it's a name we are very proud to represent and stand behind as a company. To be fair, it's actually an answer to a lot of different questions about small business marketing:

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Never Forget - Content Is King!

Content Is KingWith so much to track and monitor in your business, it's often easy to forget about the core principles that matter more than anything else. We live in a fast-paced era of constant technological change. For this reason, sometimes we miss the forest for the trees. Or we confuse the means with the end. The major principle I want to remind you of today is that "Content is king!" In other words: without great content, your marketing will surely fail. Content is the only way you can create the 3 most important things your marketing needs to succeed: Quality, Relevance, and Value.

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5 Ways To Use Video For Your Small Business

Video Marketing For Small BusinessAre you using video for your small business? If you answered yes to this question bravo! You are definitely doing the right thing. If you answered no, don't fret yet, but do know this. Video consumption is going to continue to rise in 2014. Now is the time to start adding video to your marketing arsenal.

146 million people are consuming video content on their desktop for a total of 6.5 hours a month.  While this might be peanuts compared to the amount of TV people watch, this number is still quite considerable, especially if you take into consideration that most videos consumed on the web are relatively short. So that 6.5 hours a month can actually mean thirty-nine 10 minute videos each month. Or seventy-eight 5 minute videos. Or even 390 one minute videos. That's a lot of content and shouldn't be ignored.

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How To Calculate Content Marketing ROI

How To Calculate Content Marketing ROIThe single most important concept in small business content marketing is ROI - Return On Investment. As a small business, you simply cannot waste millions, thousands, even hundreds of dollars on marketing campaigns that don't produce specific and measurable results for your business. I'm a major proponent of ROI in my own business, and you should be too. Every single marketing strategy you employ should be designed to bring money back into your business. Today I want to look specifically at a question I get asked a lot, "How can I calculate the ROI on Content Marketing?"

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Small Business Content Marketing 101

Small Business Content Marketing 101Content marketing for small business is really no different than large businesses. You can use the same exact principles and strategies that huge corporations use to capture new leads and convert leads into sales. In fact, being small is actually a major advantage. The key reason is this: the most successful content marketing campaigns are based around having a really compelling story. As a small business, it's a lot easier to create and present a meaningful story that your customers will appreciate and relate to.

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18 Apps For Making Your Mobile Images A Little More Awesome

mobileimagesAs images increasingly become a more major part of the content we consume on the Internet, it has become apparent that a strong photo sharing strategy is crucial for social media and blogging success.

We're witnessing an image boom. Just look at the sheer number of image-centric sites that are playing a wide role for businesses to connect with their customers. Instagram is a powerhouse and one of the fastest growing social networks out there. Pinterest has redefined the way we like to interact with a site and images—(Have you noticed how many sites are adopting the square panel look? You can thank Pinterest for that). Take a look down your News Feed on Facebook and you'll see that images are the centerpiece of a social conversation. Even Twitter shows images inside a tweet.

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4 Reasons To Respond To Negative Reviews

Online-reviewsWhen you get a bad review it can be like a shot to the heart. Literally. It hurts. As small business owners and employees we take our work very seriously. It is our livelihood and, more importantly, our families depend on it. Of course, not all reviews are bad and the good outweigh the bad in terms of number of reviews out there and how they affect sales and customer perception.

Reviews are so important to business that as businesses owners and marketers, we need to encourage people to write them.

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Content Marketing Will Bring You More Sales

Content Marketing To Increase SalesThere is a shift going on.  Consumers are becoming more and more educated about products before they buy them.  The online world is the consumer's classroom these days. Their teachers are their friends and even people they have never met before.  Right now, small businesses have a huge opportunity to become leaders in this shifting marketplace.  Through content marketing, they can be the leaders who educate those who are educating.  And all of that can translate into much higher sales revenue!

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