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Instagram’s Algorithm Is Changing - Here’s What You Need To Know

Instagram-Algorithm-Is-ChangingInstagram has long been praised for the simple fact that users see all the posts in chronological order. If your fans and followers looked at Instagram and scrolled their whole feed, it’s likely that they will see your post.  This is a sharp contrast to Facebook which has been notorious for declining organic reach. Back in 2012 16% of your fans saw your post, today you are lucky if you reach 5% and most likely that reach is under 3%. Of course there are ways to increase your Facebook reach naturally and organically, but the odds are still against you.

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How to Use Quizzes in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy




When it comes to social media marketing, the kind of content you deliver will rely heavily on factors like focus, quality, influence, and value. Leveraging these “laws” for social media marketing can heighten your audience and customer base dramatically, and as a marketer, you’d be more than happy to have such an impact on your brand. But what kind of content can successfully and consistently touch base on these factors for your social media marketing?

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5 Truths About Influencer Marketing

5 Truths About Influencer MarketingInfluencer Marketing is not a new thing. In fact, marketers have been using word of mouth tactics forever as a means to get in front of the right buyers and customers. Influencer marketing is essentially word of mouth marketing and it works in two ways. One, it taps into the idea of keeping up with the Jones’s. We are programmed to want what our friends have. FOMO is real. Secondly, we trust our friends which means that when they recommend something we already give it higher points because it has been tried and tested.

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